Budget Cab

Apollo Cab is a pan India corporation, which is first to establish inventive scheme and new moving models for the advantage of each and every travelers. We are the initial in the city of Mumbai to introduce the concept of a Budget Radio Cab Services in Mumbai, wherever cabs can be offer on call within 15 to 20 minutes starting the period of the call.
Cost effective cabs
When you are lacking your own convey, the Radio Cab give a relaxed and cheaper way of traveling. These radio cabs are very comfortable and (AC) air-conditioned cars, manned by a receptive and expert driver, connected by radio cab to a manage room so that his location are for each and every one time tracked by the director in the call center headquarters.
This is a 24x7 service and is simple to acquire to on single touch on given number91 09769864446. On getting a call for pick-up and drop, the reservation or booking center uses its GPRS monitor to straight the bordering available taxi to the customer and inform him of the time the Cab is probable to obtain to contact him.
The Budget or Costs are calculated on a (K.M) kilometer basis, from pick-up (starting destination) to drop-off.
Protection of passenger is ensuring by the detail that radio cabs in Mumbai are always monitoring at innermost bureau and its drivers are not only qualified but their character is also confirmed before they are recruit. You can be guaranteed of a considerate expert driver who can lend a serving supply and act as your transport for the period of your travel!
Benefits to the Apollo Cab Community
  • A Fleet of vehicle working on a dirt free, clean and green fuel thereby present significant decrease in the pollution level
  • Better and professionally trained and expert drivers - in order to progress the driving circumstances on the transportation.
The Apollo Driver
  • Our Cab drivers are consistent and responsible.
  • Any Cab drivers who get more than one challan or okay is dismiss.
  • We are confident that our latest innovation in public transfer will set a high standard in excellence and thus advantage the culture at large!
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